Batik Bone, Kenya Oblate Chevron Design, Large


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  • Large Batik Bone beads with Chevron design, beads range in size from 12x20 to 15x25. Strands are about 24 inches long with at least 40 beads, most have 43 or 44 beads
  • This batch is more oval than round when viewed from the top (looking down at the perforation) Strung on 2mm braided cotton cord
  • Like all large Batik bone, they have a wood plug inside the bone and the stringing hole is drilled through the wood plug. It's not unusual for some of the plugs to be loose. Often they can be replaced if they fall out and a dab of glue will keep them in place.
  • These are not up to my usual standards and the discounted price reflects it.
  • NOTE: No Refunds on Bargain and Closeout beads
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