Amber Color Strand of Antique Venetian Lampwork Trade Beads


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  • Strand of amber color antique Venetian trade beads, two sizes: 10x8mm and 15x10mm on a 26-inch strand with 53 beads
  • This amber color was especially popular in west Africa because of its resemblance to gold. In some places gold and yellow beads were reserved for high status people only.
  • I've mentioned in some other places the differences between trade beads that have come out of Africa in the past 20 or so years vs those that came earlier. As I handled these beads to count them I was reminded that one of the differences is the feel or the beads' surface. In recent years some very harsh chemicals, grinding, sandblasting, and other "power washing" type techniques have been used to "clean" trade beads, leaving their surfaces rough. The beads that came out before these techniques were introduced have a silky smooth finish resulting from many decades of gentle wear against clothing, leather or skin.