Bone, Antler Tubular Beads, Ivory Color, 25x15mm on 22" Strand


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  • American deer and/or moose cream color antler beads about 25x15mm
  • Long 22" strand of 21 beads, only one exactly like this available
  • These beads were made from naturally shed antlers, collected by Boy Scouts in Wyoming as a fund-raiser and cut, sanded, polished and drilled in New Mexico by a venerable old mountain man/bead dealer
  • They have a silky smooth finish with rounded edges, slight veining on cream/light beige background, with slight variations in shape
  • Holes are smooth and at least 3mm diameter so perfect for leather
  • These are popular for men's jewelry
  • These are one of very few bead types completely "Made in America"