Aquamarine, 10mm Coin Shape with Rounded Edges, 16-inch Strand


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  • 10mm rounded edge coin shape Aquamarine beads
  • Wide range of colors from clear to light blue, smokey blue to amber
  • Only one strand available
  • Aquamarine, a member of the Beryl group, is often clear and relatively easy to cut. The first eyeglass lenses were made from it around 1300
  • This stone’s name comes from, aqua, the Latin word for water, which reflects the stone's pale blue varieties. Sailors’ legends claim it came from mermaids’ treasure chests, and tell of its ability to calm rough seas and prevent shipwrecks
  • Metaphysical writers like it for its ability to cool and calm emotions as well as providing support for clear communication and the fifth chakra.
  • It's the birthstone for Aquarius