Pearls, Peacock, Round 8mm on 16-inch Strands


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    • Black peacock pearls with iris highlights round 8-9mm on 16-inch strand
    • Most gems are stones, but a few like Pearl, Amber, Jet, and Coral, are classified as Organic gems, meaning they came from living things.
    • Pearls are formed inside bivalves (similar to oysters), which coat any foreign substance that gets inside their shell with a smooth layer of pearly nacre to reduce the irritation.
    • The Chinese cultured in the 12th or 13th century, but the Japanese developed it into an industry in the 1890s, inserting mother-of-pearl beads as the basis of their cultured Pearls.
    • Pearls have been greatly valued in ancient China, India, and Greece. In Rome, only people of high rank were allowed to wear them. They remain among the most popular gems worldwide.
    • Pearls are organic gems and softer that stone so store them separately so they don't get scratched. Avoid acids and harsh chemical cleaners. Also keep them away from make-up, perfume, hair spray, and food spills.