Brass,Heishi, Strands of Small 3mm Size on 16-inch Strands


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  • Brass Heishi, unpolished, about 3mm diameter
  • This very useful bead comes multiple metals and finishes as well as in 3 sizes: standard (about 4mm), small like this one about 3mm, and large about 5mm
  • These tiny beads serve a range of purposes: use them to separate larger beads, especially those with flat ends and small holes to help the necklace move smoothly; create interest through size changes; and/or add a hint of metallic shimmer (this works better with the polished shiny version); or use them in one inch or longer sections to separate larger beads, or to finish off the back of a necklace.
  • Strand sizes have been shrinking in recent years, these are much longer than most currently on the market