Brass, Lost Wax Cast, Bananas


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  • Lost Wax cast brass beads from Ghana, openwork elbows 20x7mm
  • Actually these look a little like bananas
  • Strands 22-inches excluding raffia, 28 beads
  • Intersperse with some round beads for fun bracelets
  • Each of these beads is first made in wax. The wax is covered by clay, the clay is heated and the wax runs out through openings left for that purpose. Molten recycled metal is poured in. After cooling, the clay mold is broken open and each unique bead is removed and cleaned.
  • In this long, delicate and laborious process it's inevitable that some beads are not perfect, I pick the best available, but there are almost always a few "flaws" that distinguish handmade beads from mass produced, machine made ones the price takes this into account and we hope you understand