Brass, Mali Hollow Bicone Beads Strand, 8x12mm


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  • Strand of hollow brass small bicone beads from Mali
  • Beads range in size from 6x9mm to 8x12mm
  • 30-inch strand of 95 to 100 beads
  • These are the smallest size of these attractive and useful beads
  • I use them for earrings and in necklaces
  • They can be "dressed up" by framing them with "daisy spacers" or small rondelles
  • Each bead is handmade by cutting circles out of sheet metal, hammering it into half-dome shapes, and then soldering the shapes together.
  • The holes are punched before the soldering is done so they are not always perfectly centered or aligned. Hole size and bead size also vary. These small irregularities set them apart from machine made beads. Enjoy their uniqueness!
  • Best strung on cablewire like Flex-wire or SoftTouch because the holes can have sharp edges. Hole size is too small for leather.