Brass, Pendants Made from Indian Silver Stamping Templates


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  • Brass pendant 30mm
  • The story behind these is that were cast from a mold made from Indian templates used for creating amulets out of silver sheet metal. The sheet would be laid over the template, covered by a thin piece of leather and pounded with a buffalo horn or wooden hammer until the sheet conformed to the template's design. These don't look entirely traditional to me, but it's an interesting concept.
  • Somewhere I have a collection of those templates, in the early days of the polymer clay bead craze my customers were buying them to use as molds for polymer clay and later metal clay. Eventually I'll find them and offer them here.
  • The guy who made these pendants said they are made of a special brass he called "oyster brass" but I haven't been able to find anything out about that.
  • The pendants are very nicely finished and have a soft semi-aged brass color. The design is crisp enough that these could be used to make impressions in polymer clay or metal clay.