Carnelian, Flat Oval, 35x25, Semi-Matte


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  • These beads are priced and sold individually
  • Lovely, smooth, semi-matte natural carnelian focal 35x25
  • Perforation almost 2mm. There are many ways to use these, but one you might not have thought of is simply as a worry stone, that could be added to a keychain or purse/backpack adornment - they just feel so nice to touch
  • The stones' surface is silky smooth, but not shiny
  • These stones showcase nature's artistry, revealed through skillful cutting and polishing to imitate ancient bead shapes
  • Carnelian was widely used for beads in ancient Central Asia, Egypt, China, Africa and South America. The Vikings also used carnelian beads for trade. Some of the richest troves of ancient carnelian beads were found in the Royal Sumerian Tombs at Ur.
  • Carnelian has long been credited with giving courage in battle and good voice to timid speakers, generally supporting qualities of leadership.
  • Carnelian is a form of chalcedony whose natural colors range from off white through brown with the most popular color being orange, often achieved through heat treatment, even in ancient times.