Carnelian Barrels & Rondells Mix


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    • Carnelian barrels and rondells, barrels 12x8mm on 16.5 inch strands
    • This is a popular mix of shapes for Southwest style jewelry
    • Carnelian gets its color from iron oxides, and its name from the Kornel cherries
    • The finest Carnelians come from India, where they have been cut, polished, and exported for many thousands of years
    • Most Carnelian is heat treated and may fade if exposed to excessive light
    • Carnelian is a birth stone for Aires, relates to the sacral chakra, and is believed to support qualities of leadership and courage.
    • I like to pair Carnelian with Turquoise and/or Lapis; a range of greens with amber colors; or white and bronze pearls.