Cloisonne Turtle, Black and Orange, 33mm long, Sold Individually


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  • Priced and sold individually
  • Small Chinese enameled turtles, 33mm long with loop and 15mm wide
  • In Chinese culture turtles symbolize power, longevity, wisdom, wealth, and tenacity.
  • In Japan they are considered lucky. In India a cosmic turtle is believed to support the earth and the seas on its back, and one of Lord Vishnu’s avatars is a giant turtle called Kurma.
  • In other parts of the world turtles are revered for their patience, intelligence, fertility and ability to find solutions to all problems and situations.
  • Use them to make fast and easy earrings (I cut off the rings and hook the earwire to the turtle so they face forward when worn)
  • Or to adorn necklaces or bracelets (for this I leave the rings on so they can move freely)