Cloisonne, Vintage Round, Pink with Blue and Green Flowers, 10mm. Sold Individually


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  • These beads are priced and sold individually
  • Vintage cloisonne, round 10mm beads, pink with blue and green flowers
  • Though the word is French, cloisonné refers to a form of decorative art usually associated with China or Japan.
  • In cloisonné, copper wire is glued or soldered to a metal surface to create tiny compartments, or cloisons, that are then filled with ground glass blended with metallic oxides to produce colorful enamels when fired. The glass shrinks as it melts so this process has to be repeated several times.
  • After the enameling phase, the copper wires are gilded, and the object is polished until perfectly smooth
  • On this website I distinguish between vintage cloisonné which is made as described above and Enamel, which is a similar process, but with fewer steps, less detail, and minimal polishing.
  • The resulting beads are both lighter in weight, making them ideal for colorful but lightweight earrings.