Copper Heishi from Kenya, Bright Shiny 3mm Size on X-Long Strands


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  • Bright and shiny freshly polished copper heishi 3mm on extra long strands
  • These 18-inch strands are nearly twice the length of the standard 10-inch strand on the market today
  • I'm not sure if it's true but when went to school in Kenya in the 1960s some power outages were blamed on the theft of copper electrical wiring for the purpose of making beads.
  • Originally only the 3mm size was made. Now all three colors: brass, copper and white metal are available in standard, mini, and sometimes large size heishi
  • Strand sizes have been shrinking in recent years, clearly I've had these a long time. I used to buy them by the hundreds of strands because these beads are so very useful for injecting just the hint of metal color and shimmer.