Dogon Donuts, Antique "Dutch" Annular Trade Beads


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  • 35-inch strands of antique Dogon Clear annular beads and some smaller facted ones at the end of the strands.
  • 8x7mm diameter to 10x12mm
  • These particular strands are made up of about 50% true annular beads and 50% other related beads.
  • These were made with manganese, a de-coloring agent that enabled the creation of clear glass, but which turns pink to violet depending on the concentration, with exposure to sun. These have far more than the average number of violet tinted beds
  • Overall in excellent condition, few cracks and almost no corrosion
  • Made in Holland or Germany 1700-1800s
  • Named for the Dogon people of Mali who favor them, but they are also found in other parts of West Africa