Pearls, Silver, Dancers Drops 4mm Long on 16-inch Strands


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    • Silver-grey Pearl "dancers" (small drops) 4mm long on 16-inch strands
    • These beads add texture and movement to necklaces, and work well to add mass without much weight in multi-strand designs
    • Most gems are stones, but a few like Pearl, Amber, Jet, and Coral, are classified as Organic gems, meaning they came from living things.
    • The Chinese cultured Pearls in the 12th or 13th century, but the Japanese developed it into an industry in the 1890s, inserting mother-of-pearl beads as the base for their cultured Pearls.
    • Pearls have been greatly valued in ancient China, India, and Greece. In Rome, only people of high rank were allowed to wear them. They remain among the most popular gems worldwide.
    • Treat Pearls with care, avoiding, abrasion, detergents, acids, perspiration, cosmetics and hair spray as well as excessive heat, light or humidity.