Pearls, White, Potato 4mm on 16-inch Strands


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  • White Freshwater Pearls, irregular "potato" shape, 4mm on 16-inch strands
  • Most gems are stones, but a few like Pearl, Amber, Jet, and Coral, are classified as Organic gems.
  • Pearls are formed inside mollusks or other bivalves (similar to oysters), which coat any foreign substance that gets inside its shell with a smooth layer of nacre to reduce the irritation.
  • Cultured pearls were created by the Chinese in the 12th or 13th century, and developed into an industry by the Japanese in the 1890s who inserted mother-of-pearl beads as the basis of their cultured Pearls.
  • Pearls were greatly valued in ancient China and India, Greece and in Rome only people or high rank were allowed to wear them. They remain popular worldwide.
  • Dryness and excess humidity are both detrimental to Pearls, which are also sensitive to abrasion, detergents, acids, heat, perspiration, cosmetics and hair spray. Do not steam clean Pearls.