Gold Glass Beads, 5-12mm, Strand of Assorted Shapes


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  • Only one strand of Gold Glass Beads in sizes ranging from 5 to 12mm with most in the 6-8mm range. There are a variety of shapes as well as connected segments which are typical of the manufacturing process.
  • Most beads are in remarkably good condition, but those few that are broken actually offer some interesting insights into how the beads were made
  • There are also two very unusual aqua colored beads
  • Strand is 24-inches long
  • Gold Glass beads, also known as Gold-in-Glass, Gold Foil or Gold Sandwich beads evolved in Ancient Egypt and Rhodes during the 3rd century BC and continued to be made for about 1500 years, disappearing in the 13th century.
  • They are blown glass beads with a layer of gold foil inserted between two layers of glass.