Himalayan Chank Shell, Antique Medium Rounded Beads 10-11 x 14mm, Bag of 10


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  • Himalayan antique medium rounded beads 10-11 x 14mm, bag of 10
  • These rounded shell were worn in Ladakh and other Tibetan-populated areas.
  • They were made between 70 to over 100 years ago, probably by the same South Indian shell cutters who made the Naga shell beads and ornaments.
  • This means they'll also work well with the Naga elongated shell beads.
  • Their warm cream color also pairs nicely with wood or amber (light weight), brass, copper, and some gemstones, especially those with matte finish
  • Harry Neufeld reports these "were collected in strands, but not necessarily always worn that way. Little else is known to me about their history and origin, usage, possible restrictions and meaning to the owner and wearer."