Indian Silver Antique Collared Fluted Beads from Himachal Pradesh, Set of 4


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  • Set of 4 antique, collared, fluted silver beads, 22x15mm
  • They come from Himachal Pradesh, India's Himalayan province, famous for the quality of its handcrafts, and these beads are no exception.
  • Painstakingly formed with rudimentary tools, long before the arrival of the British these are a classic design of the region and beyond.
  • The perforations are quite small, making them easy to string on cable wire without the need for filler beads.
  • They're also light enough for earrings and add wonderful texture to necklaces of gems and other materials.
  • As with all antiques, small signs of the long life these beads have had, are considered marks of authenticity rather than flaws.
  • From the collection of Art Expo, long-time purveyors of quality beads and jewelry from India and Nepal