Indo-Pacific Beads, 3-9mm, Aqua & Blue, 23" Strands


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  • Great range of Aqua and blue Indo-Pacific bead sizes 3-9mm, almost no patina
  • 23-inch strands, found near Djenne in Mali
  • The Indo-Pacific family of beads originated in Arikamedu in Southern India around 400 BC and quickly spread in all directions. Over the next few hundred years, they reached all over Southeast-Asia, throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and all the way to Scandinavia in Europe, becoming the "greatest little trade bead of all time" according to bead researcher Pete Francis.
  • They come in other colors, often aqua and blue, and these days are mostly coming to the US from the Sahara under a bevy of inaccurate names and burdened with fictitious stories that are far less interesting than the truth.