Jade (Nephrite) Flat Ovals 20x15mm


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  • Dark Green Canadian Nephrite Jade flat ovals 20x15 mm on 16-inch strands
  • Both Nephrite and Jadeite are true natural Jade, and it was not until 1863 that small differences between them were discovered. Both have greatly revered for centuries in China, Central America, Canada and New Zealand for carvings, adornment, weapons and tools, as Jade is said to be "stronger than steel"
  • Jade remains one of the most popular gemstones worldwide today and the most productive, and reputedly the best, source is currently in British Columbia, Canada, from where it's exported around the globe.
  • Metaphysical writers describe jade as a stone for healing the heart, bringing strong and steady energy, well-being and balance. It's said to be good to wear during sleep, for both rest and beneficial dreams. In Asia it's revered for its positive effect on "chi" or life-force energy.