Krobo Recycled Glass Round Beads, Green 10mm


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  • New individually handmade recycled glass beads from Ghana, Green 10mm
  • 22-inch strands with 66 beads
  • Perforations are at least 2mm and the colors work well with each other and other beads. They have a distinctive hand-made quality, with lots of variations.
  • These are yet another form of powder glass beads, made by the Krobo people of Ghana. Most people seem to know them this name so I'm using it here.
  • The system of making them is a little different, once the powdered glass in the mold start to melt it's removed from the furnace and each bead is stirred into a more or less round shape.
  • The Krobo have traditionally been great consumers of beads and today they are probably the most prolific makers in Africa, coming out with new designs every year.