Tic Tac Toe Beads, Antique Venetian Lampwork Trade Beads


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  • Antique Venetian Lampwork beads with Tic Tac Toe pattern  18x13
  • 28-inch strand, 41.5 beads most in great condition; Made mid-1800s
  • Pink and white laticcino creating boxes around the "eyes"; a couple have "fried egg" dots with yellow in the middle
  • One half bead (often interesting to see what's inside), one with a bad pit where bubble had been, one with a lot of the design worn off (smoothly through long-term wear, not with grinding) and a few with chips at the ends, otherwise these are perfect beads that could easy fetch $$ individually
  • I haven't seen a strand like this on the market in decades
  • Designers, I've strung these with clam or ostrich eggshell or black coco shell