Malachite Round 8mm


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    • Light banded Malachite smooth round beads 8mm on 16-inch strands
    • Malachite is a semi-precious gem that has been popular through the ages. Russian Czars paneled whole rooms in it.
    • Malachite was popular with ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Roman for jewelry, amulets, carvings and eye shadow! In the Middle Ages it was used as a pigment and as an amulet to protect children.
    • The best specimens are cut and polished to reveal bands and rings in alternating shades of green from pale to near black.
    • Today Zaire is the most prolific producer, but beads made there don’t have the uniformity of those cut and polished in China, Hong-Kong, or Germany.
    • Malachite is a birthstone for Taurus and related to the heart chakra
    • Metaphysical: Malachite protects from negative energies and assists in maintaining emotional balance, while avoiding taking on the emotional baggage of others.
    • Care: avoid sharp knocks, acids, abrasion and steam/ultra-