Millefiori & Kente Antique Venetian Lampwork Combo, Long Strand


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  • Half of this long strand consists of "Kente" lampwork short barrels wrapped in Italian flag colors with yellow - 37 beads all in excellent condition showing various versions of this design. Average size 11x11
  • The other half is more mysterious, classic Millefiori pattern, but on beads that are not shaped like traditional or even olive-shaped Millefiori. It's almost as if they were cylinders of various lengths once, but have been reshaped to have rounded ends. Three sizes, largest 20x10. There are 28 plus one broken
  • Collector Bonus - there's one bead made with composite murrine of this pattern among all the cased ones
  • Made in Venice, Itally mid-1800s to early 1900s for the African trade
  • Only one strand like this available. Total strand length 35 inches
  • Read more about Millefiori and other trade beads in the African Bead Resources section or our FAQ page.