Millefiori Antique Venetian Trade Beads, Matched Elbow & Cylinder Yellow


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  • Antique Millefiori beads, same pattern, different shapes, Elbow 45x13mm
  • Hybrid murrine design combines concentric circles with outer stripes
  • Made in Venice early 1900s for the African Trade
  • These colors look great with royal blue glass spacers or brick red beads like Red Jasper, holes are large enough for leather, good size for men's necklaces
  • Shorter bead is a little banged up, but has the interesting feature of the core bead being completely covered by murrine at one end, while clearly showing at the other.
  • I remember in the early 1970's when almost nothing was known about these so-called "Goulemine" beads, some argued that "real" or "old" Millefiori had no cores. I got a lapidary friend to cut some damaged ones to prove otherwise.
  • Read more about Venetian Millefiori/Mosaic beads in the African Bead Resources section of our FAQ Page