Millefiori Antique Venetian Trade Beads, Matched Strand Blue, Brick & Yellow


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  • Antique Venetian Millefiori trade beads, medium size 18x12mm
  • All but two small beads at one end of the strand were decorated with slices (murrine) of bundled (Composite) canes. This was the earliest method for making beads of this type.
  • Only one 29-inch strand available; 39 beads, great condition, only two silghtly chipped at the ends
  • Made in Venice, Italy during early 1800s for the African trade
  • The fuzzy edges on the design show that these beads are older than most millefiori beads.
  • As a designer I always hunted for matched strands without broke beads, they're almost impossible to find these days
  • Read more about Venetian Millefiori and other classic trade beads in the African Bead Resources section of our FAQ Page