Millefiori Antique Venetian Trade Beads, Strand of Matched Star Pattern


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  • Antique Venetian Millefiori beads with Rare star pattern, 10x6mm
  • Only one 21-inch strand available, 49 beads, excellent condition, smooth surface, no pits, 2-3 beads might have small chips
  • Mosaic beads, aka Millefiori (Italian for “a thousand flowers”), were known to ancient Egyptians and Romans, but popularized, by the Venetians on the island of Murano from the 15th Century onward. Often used interchangeably with the term African Trade Beads, Millefiori were the most popular and plentiful trade beads to arrive in the US during the late 1960s.
  • Millefiori are decorated with thin slices of several kinds of complex glass canes, which in cross section resemble eyes, flowers, stars or other multi-colored patterns. Read more about Millefiori and other classic trade beads in the African Bead Resource section or our FAQ page.