Naga Glass Beaded Skirt, 32” x 5 ½”


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  • Antique glass beaded, handwoven cotton skirt, 32” x 5 ½”
  • This take the concept of mini skirt to new heights! Only one available
  • Konyak Naga girl’s or young woman’s high status “royal” glass beaded skirt, worn only by members of the chief’s clan at festivals, ceremonies and other occasions. Much more rare than belts and other festival costume pieces.
  • Looks like indigo and natural cotton handwoven base with some delicate patterning between the beaded sections.
  • Rare glass trade beads in turquoise, green, cobalt, white contrast with the background rows of mustard seed beads (approx size 8)
  • Embellished at one end with newer red, yellow and green pompoms and a super smooth antique shell button.
  • Of the original goat hair tassels, all that remains are the wrapped cane tops.
  • Early 1900’s, collected in the 1980’s.