Naga Glass, Vintage Chartreuse Seed Beads, 1-1.5x2mm, Bag of 47 Grams


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  • Chartreuse color glass beads from Nagaland, 1-1.5mm x 2mm, 6 strands of 28”, bag of 47 grams. Only one available
  • Non-uniform, unusual color traditionally, with a colorful bead or two from where the strands met the macrame in a multi-strand necklace.
  • These were collected in the 1970’s and 1980’s from the Konyak Nagas of NE India, who wore beads in abundance as a signature of their identity and for status within their specific groups, until usage waned due to changing ideas on religion and indicators of status.
  • Some beads, including certain colors, were worn daily, others on special occasions or only by persons deemed worthy by dint of birth, association with the chief, warrior feats, or wealth and shows of such, like feast giving.
  • These beads make very nice spacers for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.