Naga Necklace, 38 Strands of Antique European Seed Beads, 32 Inches


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  • Naga necklace composed of 38 strands of antique trade beads sometimes called "greasy" blue. Only one available. 32 inches long.
  • "Greasy" colors were also popular among Native American beadworkers in the 19th century. The name has nothing to do with their texture, but references the very slightly opalescent, and almost translucent, qualities of the glass.
  • The center and ends of this lush necklace are embellished with colorful whitehearts, striped beads, "mustard" colored, and other higher value traded seed beads favored by the Naga.
  • The final loop, and final attachment of the coin that makes the clasp, have been replaced, but the rest of the necklace is in excellent original condition
  • This stunning piece is as wearable as it is collectible, and surprisingly comfortable, as the weight is distributed across the wide back section.
  • It is from the collection of Joyce Diamanti, who lived, and traveled widely in India in the early 1980s.