Naga Necklace, Antique "Mustard" Tiny Seed Beads, 62 Strands, 32 Inches


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  • Naga necklace of antique "mustard" color seed beads, some as small as size 15
  • The button end of the closure is missing, and the loop on the other side is not original, but the colorful beading and cotton cord decoration at the ends is otherwise in good condition.
  • The beads range in color from light to dark mustard with a few strands of translucent amber beads mixed in.
  • The missing button reduces the value as a collector's piece, but I can easily see this being modified with the addition of fabric ,or macrame work, at the back to create a stunning longer necklace.
  • This color of bead was highly valued among the Naga and the beads on this strand are especially tiny and old making them collectible as well.