Naga "Royal" Antique Glass Trade Bead Bead Belt, 31 inches


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  • Antique Naga “royal” glass trade bead belt, 31”
  • Stunning belt of rounded and cylindrical “royal” mustard color glass seed beads, with accents of other rare, high status beads, including whitehearts, white, and cobalt seed beads and cylindrical brown glass.
  • Symmetrical sections, typical of Naga jewelry, separated by spacer bars of bone from the highly valued, semi-domesticated mithun, an ox-like animal indigenous to Nagaland, and terminated with rare brass spacers at each end.
  • Clasped with a "tattooed" antique chank shell button, another sign of status within the village and tribe.
  • Beads date from the early 1900’s, collected in Nagaland in the 1980’s.
  • These collectible belts make stunning wall decorations