Himalayan Pendant with Turquoise & Coral


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  • Contemporary Tibetan Pendant with real Coral & Turquoise inlay
  • 2.5 inches from top of the loop to bottom of pendant
  • Unlike most new pendants this one is 6mm thick, giving it a nice heft, and natural Turquoise and Coral are used, rather than dyed chips or block.
  • Turquoise and Coral are popular throughout the entire Himalayan region. I buy them from Tibetan refugees living in Nepal, India, and Northern California.
  • The metal in the pendant is what's usually called White Metal, also known variously as German Silver, Nickle Silver, or Alpacca, among other names.
  • These are all alloys of different metals, mostly light in color. They may include some silver along with tin. lead, nickle, zinc, and copper, depending what is available to the smiths.