New Jade, Sticks 12-24mm long


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    • New Jade "sticks" 12-24mm long on 16-inch strands
    • Top-drilled, these spring green, beads made a dramatic collar or add a horizontal detail with plenty of interesting movement to longer necklaces
    • New Jade is actually a light green form of Serpentine that is also sometimes called Korean Jade, a term also associated with Olive Jade, another Serpentine.
    • New Jade’s color ranges from a pale true green, to a light yellow-green. Depending on which type you have, it works well with a variety or other greens; some amethysts and gold tones; or with warm earth tones from yellow-orange through dark brown. Surprisingly, it also contrasts nicely with bright reds like Cinnabar. Direct contrasts work best when the quantities of each color used quite dramatically different.