New Jade, Coin Shapes, Thick, 18mm Diameter on 16-inch Strands


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    • New Jade thick coin shapes 18mm diamater 8mm thick on 15-inch strands
    • New Jade is a light green form of Serpentine, sometimes called Hsiu Jade, or Korean Jade, a term also associated with Olive Jade, another Serpentine.
    • New Jade’s color ranges from a pale true green, to a light yellow-green. Depending on which type you have, it works well with a variety or other greens; light or Cape Amethysts or Pearls and gold; or warm earth tones from yellow-orange through dark brown. Surprisingly it can also work with bright reds like Cinnabar. When working with direct opposites, designs generally work best if the quantities of each color used are uneven.