Ostrich Eggshell Heishi, Vintage 7mm


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  • Very fine vintage strand of Ostrich Eggshell beads 7mm diameter
  • Only one 24-inch strand available
  • Older beads have been chipped, filed and sounded down to perfectly matching smooth round discs. These are noteworthy because about a quarter of the strand consists of unusually thin discs, that could be mistaken for clam or snail shell, if not for the large hole that characterize Ostrich Eggshell beads.
  • Ostrich eggshell beads are among the earliest human adornments, having been made in East and Southern Africa, and traded among different groups, for over 50,000 years.
  • They are still being made today in much the same way in South Africa, Namibia, and Kenya, but only older women still wear them, most are now being made for export and not finished as well as the vintage ones.