Pyrite Freeform Nuggets


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    • Light bronze pyrite freeform nuggets 9x7mm on 16-inch strands
    • Also known as “fool’s gold,” and sometimes sold as Marcasite, Pyrite’s name comes from the Greek for “fire” because it emits sparks when struck, and has been used to light fires since pre-historic times. Because it’s highly reflective, Incas used Pyrite tablets as mirrors. It gained popular as jewelry in Victorian Britain and remains popular today with designers as well as collectors.
    • Robert Simmons writes that Pyrite can enhance willpower, assist in overcoming bad habits, and establishing new patterns or health and positive energy, as well as letting go of fear and anxiety and adopting a “can-do” attitude about whatever one has decided to take on. Pyrite is also said to stimulate creativity in art, mathematics, and architecture and other disciplines.