Red Jasper Smooth Teardrops 22x10mm


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  • Red Jasper smooth teardrops 22x10mm on 16-inch strands
  • Great for earrings
  • Red Jasper is one of a few Jaspers that is almost all one color, a deep rich red, sometimes with just a little black or white matrix.
  • I find it an excellent match for the deep red/brown found in most Venetian trade beads, so I use it a lot, along with darker Yellow Jasper, to complement my African beads. It also pairs nicely with many other jaspers including the beautiful Red Creek variety, Unakite, and Mookite, as well as Jade, and other subtle greens.
  • Like other Jaspers, Red Jasper relates to the earth and root chakra, and is said to enhance one’s endurance and stamina, creating stable energy. It’s also reputed to be good for memory, gradually increasing the ability to recall dreams and inner experiences.