Thai Antique Bronze Bell-shape, Strand of Beads/Pendants


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  • One 24-inch strand of antique bronze bell shape beads/mini pendants about 9mm long by 6mm wide. Strand has about 200 of these plus one blue "Peking glass" type bead.
  • I bought these from an Akha woman on the Thai/Cambodian border in 1992, but we didn't have a common language so I wasn't able to find out anything about them from her.
  • They were not so rare at the time, but have become so. I didn't see any like this when I was last in Thailand about 2016.
  • I can see plenty of design possibilities for these and I'm tempted to polish them to see what they look like, but I'll give the collectors a chance to buy them "as found" (with hints of greenish patina) before I do that.