Mixed Ancient Stone Triangles, Necklace


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  • Graduated strand of antique stone triangles and diamond shapes in carnelian and other stones. One long central pendant 50mm long
  • Triangle range from 9mm to 22mm measured from tip to base
  • Remarkably most beads are in excellent condition, only a few have chips
  • Strand is 26 inches long excluding the central pendant
  • Found near Djenne in Mali and dated between 1200 to 1800, beads might be of Indian origin, traded across the Sahara with the spread of Islam
  • Could this be what the Czech glass beadmakers' agents saw when they decided to make the colorful molded glass triangles, claw and lightbulb shape beads we call "African Wedding Beads" today?
  • Either way it's an amazing collector's piece or raw material for a brilliant designer who likes interesting ethnographic beads...