Turkoman Horse Pendant with 4 Carnelian Cabochons and 4 Dangles


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  • Turkoman etched and fire-gilded horse pendant with 4 domed carnelian cabochons and 4 dangles, 2.25 inches wide by 3 inches long
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  • Turkoman jewelry is characterized by its large scale, the use of fire-gilding on silver, granulation, and sinuous lines full of meaning to those who have studied the culture. Traditionally only carnelian stones were used, but now some lapis lazuli, black onyx and even turquoise is incorporated, mostly for export.
  • The nomadic Turkoman people have traditionally migrated throughout Central Asia, Iran and Afghanistan since the 11th century, finding new grazing for their herds of goats, sheep, horses and camels.  They are known for their carpet making skills, and fabulous jewelry for humans and animals. Today many have settled and become farmers in Turkmenistan, but other groups try to maintain their nomadic lifestyle.