Turquoise, Rondelles, Blue 5mm on 16-inch Strands


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    • Blue Turquoise rondells 3x5mm, 16 inch strands
    • Turquoise got its name because it came to Europe through Turkey.
    • It has a long history of use in jewelry throughout the Himalayas, India, Persia (Iran), and Egypt, having been mined there up to 8000 years ago.
    • In the American Southwest, Native Americans have mined, and used it, for jewelry, ceremonies, art and trade since 200 BCE.
    • Turquoise naturally varies in color from blue to green depending on its iron and copper content. However, the popular sky-blue color shifts toward green from contact with perspiration, oils, cosmetics and other substances, as well as excess light, heat, and de-hydration. This is why older Turquoise beads are often more green than blue.
    • Whether they appreciate the age, or the color itself, Tibetans prefer more green Turquoise, while Europeans and Americans tend to prefer the blue.