Vinyl Heishi, Large, Mostly Red, with Yellow & Black, 15mm


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  • Impressive large vinyl heishi red with black and yellow 15mm diameter
  • One 31-inch strand
  • I used Vinyl in the title, because that has become the common name for these beads, but there is no truth whatsoever in widely published nonsense they were made of recycled phonograph records.
  • They are labeled as “Vulcanic” on the original Bohemian bead factory sample cards in the Jablonec Museum. And just to be sure that no future misnomers get started here, they have nothing to do with volcanoes either
  • They are an early form of plastic designed to imitate and/or expand on the types of heishe (clam, snail, ostrich egg and coconut shell) already popular in Africa.
  • The Bohemian bead producers were experts at this early "market research", sending intrepid agents to all parts of the continent to discover what beads people were using, and what they might like to see reproduced in colorful glass or other materials.