Watermelon Chevron, Antique Venetian Glass, Teal Flat (Tabular)


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  • Largest beads 15x8mm on extra long 30-inch strands
  • These antique oval drawn beads are called Watermelon beads because of their  alternating light and dark green stripes, created by the points the white, star-shaped inner layer showing through the translucent teal outer layer
  • Each strand has one chipped bead, otherwise in excellent condition, although it's normal for some Watermelon beads to have uneven ends. I counter this by using a size 8 seed bead at each end before adding other beads. The seed bead shifts as needed to help the necklace hang straight.
  • These beads were made during the late 1800s to early 1900s, primarily for the African trade.