Watermelon Chevron Antique Venetian Glass, Green Oval 15x7


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  • Antique Venetian green Chevron cane pinched to form "Watermelon" beads
  • These average 10x7mm on 21-inch strand
  • This shape of African trade bead with any color stripes is now called Watermelon beads, but the name originated with the green Chevron version b/c they actually resemble watermelons, with alternating light and dark green stripes.
  • These beads were made during the early 1900s, primarily for the African trade.
  • When stringing with bead like these that have uneven ends, I recommend using a small matching, or complimentary colored size 8 seed bead at each end before adding any other beads. This helps the necklace hand straight.