Yemeni Black Coral and Silver Prayer Strand, Vintage


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  • Vintage Yemeni black coral and silver prayer strand, 28 inches long including elongated bead. 33 black coral beads inlaid with silver plus the elongated bead
  • Only one available
  • Once source describes the making of these beads as "tiny silver nails are pounded into the coral beads..." that makes sense as you can see in my other strand ASO-55, but I'm unclear how what design got so spread out across the black coral. Heat? Polishing or grinding?
  • Black coral was traditionally used for medicinal and ritual purposes in Indonesia, China and Hawaii. More recently it has been popular for jewelry and prayer beads. For these purposes it is best if the beads are frequently worn or handled to keep them from drying out and cracking.
  • Black coral is not yet listed as endangered, but poaching has been a problem. The greater threat, however, is global warming.