Yemeni Black Coral and Silver Vintage Prayer Strand


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  • Vintage Yemeni black coral and silver prayer strand, only one like this available
  • This is an exquisite piece of devotional artistry, but I'm afraid it's not complete because typically Islamic prayer strand are 33 or 99 beads with one elongated one for a total of 34 or 100, but this strand only has 50 beads plus the elongated one.
  • Total length 37 inches, largest oval bead 20x17mm, elongated bead 35mm
  • To make these beads, tiny "nails" of silver are meticulously tapped into the coral to create the design.
  • Black coral was traditionally used for medicinal and ritual purposes in Indonesia, China and Hawaii. More recently it has been popular for jewelry and prayer beads. For these purposes it is best if the beads are frequently worn or handled to keep them from drying out and cracking.
  • Black coral is not yet listed as endangered, but poaching has been a problem. The greater threat, however, is global warming.