Yemeni Vintage Bowsani Beads, Pair


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  • Priced by the pair
  • Two Bowsani Yemenite silver beads, at least vintage, likely older
  • 12x18mm, these beads were typically strung between large round beads, and/or with coral. 
  • As odd as it may seem, historically Jews were the silversmiths throughout the Middle East, and this, now very collectible, type of work is named after the Jewish family that perfected the style.
  • However in the 1950s most of the Jewish silversmiths on the Arabian Peninsula emigrated to Israel, and it appeared by the 1990s that the art was lost. Today, however, researcher Marjorie Ransom, has discovered a new younger generation of Yemeni silversmiths who are keeping the tradition alive.